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Kirketon Boutique Hotel

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Kirketon Boutique Hotel,悉尼


Reconstructed and designed in 1999 by the renowned interior architects Burley Katon Halliday, the 40 room Kirketon Hotel is Voted one of the coolest boutique hotels in the world. The Kirketon exudes class, excellence and value and is only moments from Oxford St and Kings Cross Station. The Kirketon has 40 modernist guestrooms and glamorous interior has every modern facility and includes 24-hour reception, business services and state-of-the-art security. The entire ground floor of the hotel is focused on lifestyle elements, which highlight the importance of service and style. Located on the ground floor is the Kells Kitchen Restaurant & Bar. A truly innovative and unique dining experience, Kells Kitchen features food with predominately French influenced featuring refined classics recipes prepared with the finest seasonal produce and mouth-watering hybrid of traditional and contemporary flavours and genres. The design savvy bar, sophisticated yet classic and affordable strongly reflects the iconic style of the great bars of New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris.


The Kirketon hotel is located at 229 Darlinghurst Road, in the fashionable inner city suburb of Darlinghurst - Sydney's SoHo. Being the perfect location for guests who wish to interact with the discerning locals and see the city's creative side. Tucked away in the fashionable neighbourhood of Darlinghurst, with it’s many and avante-garde galleries, trendy bars, and innovative cafes, vibrant Kings Cross is a short stroll away, and public transport to all of Sydney’s famous beaches is easily accessible.[查看地图]


类型: Avantgarde Superior [学习更多]
地址: 229 Darlinghurst Road [查看地图]
类型: 精品酒店
最优价格: 175 AUD
客房: 40
语言: 英文





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