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Hotel Re

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Hotel Re,新加坡


Hotel Re! welcomes guests that are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary hotel experience. Hotel re is a theme hotel that carries you from the inexorable hustle and bustle of today’s life into the creative and sensual 60s and 70s. The guestrooms are characterised by retro design elements, iconic pop culture and the exhilarating colours of that particularly inventive and original era. State-of-the-art facilities at Hotel Re include, among others: complimentary shuttle bus service to downtown and city area and complimentary 24-hours WIFI. Re!Union, Re!Call, Re!Tune : Hotel Re features a Function Room hosting up to 100 banquet guests and 150 guest in theatre-seating. 2 Meeting Rooms catered to small-sized meetings – 10 – 20 guests per seating depending on required arrangement. The Re!Fill Restaurant of Hotel Re, located in the lobby, is the ideal food sanctuary for those who like to dine while engaging in business or leisure meeting sessions for BLD (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Located at the second level of the hotel, the Re!Wine is an ideal setting for a chill-out moment. Guests can relax in the outdoor seating area that faces Pearl’s Hill Park.


Hotel Re! is located on Chin Swee Road, within easy reach of both Chinatown and Outram Park metro stations. Changi International Airport is at 20 minutes.[查看地图]


类型: Epoque Classic Superior [学习更多]
地址: 175A Chin Swee Road Singapore 169879 [查看地图]
类型: 精品酒店
最优价格: 148 SGD
客房: 140
语言: 英文





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