The Keating Hotel——时尚奢华精品酒店就在美国San Diego。在线预订享受特价优惠。

The Keating Hotel

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The Keating Hotel,San Diego





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美国 | San Diego

Lying along the West Coast of the United States facing the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is the second largest city in the State of California. Plenty of sunshine all year round, white beaches, green mountains and beautiful lakes make it a world-class tourist destination. San Diego is a fun city, offering a wide array of attractions: the San Diego Zoo, the Wild Animal Park, Sea World and Legoland. But San Diego is not just a big amusement park, its nature will in fact charm every visitor: crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, big parks (like the Balboa Park) and its plains. San Diego also boasts a vibrant cultural scene to its visitors, with more than thirty museums to choose from, theatres and performing arts centres: from the Air & Space museum, the Timken Museum of Art or the Museum of Contemporary Art. Town of contrasts and balmy weather all year round, this Californian dream has it all: crazy and fun by night with all its night bars and casinos, relaxing and regenerating by day thanks to all its Spas. If you still have some time in this dynamic city, why not heading to the fantastic shops San Diego offers: exclusive boutiques, outdoor shopping centres, or antiques shops, you will surely find something to keep you entertained.