The Heathman Hotel——时尚奢华精品酒店就在美国Portland。在线预订享受特价优惠。

The Heathman Hotel

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The Heathman Hotel,Portland





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The city of roses, colourful Portland is graced by natural beauty, a lively local scene, a welcoming community and wonderful dining. In North America best big city, as it’s been defined, visitors can immerse in the best culture and heritage of the Pacific Northwest. Creativity blends with classic traditions and the multicultural heritage to create a cultural scene rich in performing arts and more than 150 art galleries and museum to choose from. Livable, enjoyable and visitable, in the beautiful City of Roses visitors will find a peaceful haven in one of the many fascinating gardens: from the tranquil Japanese garden and the exotic Ming Dynasty-stile garden to the famous and oldest public rose test garden in the States with its spectacular colours and smell. A fisherman’s haven, a paradise for ski lovers, and a top cycling city, Portland is ideal for sport vacations and outdoor breaks. Surrounded by stunning mountains, vineyards and crystal clear rivers, no trip to Portland is complete until visitors explore the surrounding area!