Hotel Ivy——时尚奢华精品酒店就在美国Minneapolis。在线预订享受特价优惠。

Hotel Ivy

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Hotel Ivy,Minneapolis





类型: Epoque Classic Superior [学习更多]
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类型: 精品酒店





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美国 | Minneapolis

Creative and dynamic, the Mini-Apple is the cultural hot spot of the cold American Upper Midwest: second only to New York for numbers of theatres per capita, a premier destination for art lovers, Minneapolis has been defined as America’s most literate city. Lying on the banks of the Mississippi River and with over 20 lakes and wetlands and more than 170 parks, Minneapolis is immersed in nature: a real a big urban playground. Home to the largest shopping complex in the country and the first enclosed mall, Minneapolis is a treat for shopping lovers: funky boutiques, major retailers and ambitious young designers, fashion here goes hand in hand with the area’s culture, music scene and creative industry. In Minneapolis, local produce is cherished and supported: farmers markets are scattered around the city selling delicious sustainable fresh food and lovely artisan crafts. Even if you plan on visiting Minneapolis in winter, its hospitality and lively spirit will keep you warm at heart.