Abalu Hotel Boutique——时尚奢华精品酒店就在西班牙马德里。在线预订享受特价优惠。

Abalu Hotel Boutique

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Abalu Hotel Boutique,马德里


Hotel in Madrid , Abalu project arose from the need to turn a new page in the concept of "hotel in Madrid". Based on the standards of an excellent location near the Gran Via district, within walking distance of the main monuments, museums, restaurants and shops, Hotel Abalu demonstrates that a differentiation among rooms is possible and creates spaces using materials combined according to the ideas of Luis Delgado & his team. The personalized design of the rooms creates an effect of illusion, with surprising decorative effects in all the hotel areas. Another important plus of Hotel Abalu is the technological aspect, unique in the world of hotels. The junior suites have been provided with private cinema projector, "Mac mini" computers by Apple that control the multimedia system, aided by WIFI and cable DSL internet access. The Beauty Bar of Hotel Abalu is one the trendiest bars in the city, delicious cakes together with milkshakes and night drinks and cocktails during weekend nights gathering cool Madrilenian people and hotel guests.


The Hotel Abalu is located in the heart of Madrid. It is very close to all main tourist atttractions that can be easily reached on foot in a few minutes: The Plaza Espa[查看地图]


类型: Avantgarde Comfort [学习更多]
地址: CL PEZ 19 [查看地图]
类型: 精品酒店
最优价格: 65 EUR
客房: 16
语言: 英文 法文 意大利文 西班牙文





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