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Grand Hotel Damier

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Grand Hotel Damier,科特耐克


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The Grand Hotel Damier is situated in the heart of Kortrijk and its C.B.D., on the famous market square offering delightful dining, entertainment, major shopping, banks and a great buzzing nightlife. This central boutique hotel is only 8 minutes (4 km) from the Exhibition Center (the XPO Kortrijk), 18 minutes from Lille (North of France - 23 km), twenty minutes away from Ghent (34 km), just a half hour drive from Bruges (42 km), and one hour from Brussels (88 km), the International Airport and Antwerp (100 km). The railway station is just 2 minutes walk from the Grand Hotel Damier. Public transport can be found nearby the Hotel.[查看地图]


类型: Epoque Classic Superior [学习更多]
地址: Grand Hotel Damier, Grote Markt 41, Kortrijk [查看地图]
类型: 精品酒店
最优价格: 0 USD
客房: 49
语言: 英文 法文 德文, Dutch





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比利时 | 科特耐克

Kortrijk lies in the Belgian Province of West Flanders, on the river Leie. The history of Kortrijk dates back to Roman times, when it was called Cortoriacum. Nowadays, Kortrijk is a very dynamic city of about 80.000 inhabitants with a solid entrepreneurial image and flair. The town is encircled by the remnants of ancient walls. Located in Kortrijk are a castle, a belfry tower, a 16th-century town hall, the Gothic Church of Our Lady, completed in 1211, which contains a famous Anton Van Dyck’s painting, "The Erection of the Cross". Also, the typical beguinage is one of the most beautiful in Flanders and was recognised by UNESCO as World heritage Site in 1998. One of the most noteworthy monuments in Kortrijk is the "Maiden of Flanders", the monument erected in commemoration of the Battle of the Golden Spurs, that took place in Kortrijk on 11th July 1302. Kortrijk serves as an educational centre in south West-Flanders, attracting students from the entire region. The KULAK university is a local branch of the K.U.L university of Leuven.Kortrijk has an extensive web of public transport lines, operated by De Lijn, providing access to the city centre and the suburbs.