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Holiday Suites

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Holiday Suites,雅典


The Holiday Suites Hotel in Athens is a chic and well-designed boutique hotel offering a high standard of luxury accommodation and a wide-ranging hotel service. At the Holiday Athens Suites, guests may rest indulgingly on the lap of luxury, relaxing in sumptuous guestrooms that are equipped with the best comfort amenities. The Holiday Suites is reputed by many to be one of the finest among Athens’ luxury boutique hotels. There are 29 luxurious units and guests may take advantage of a variety of hotel services that cater to their comfort and ease during their stay. The Athens Holiday Suites Hotel is fully air-conditioned for your comfort, while the stylish lounge area is an excellent meeting point for social gatherings.



The Holiday Suites Hotel is situated in the heart of Athens, the metro station (Megaro Moussikis) is in the immediate vicinity (150 meters). In approximately 10 minutes you can visit the city’s historical sites, such as the Acropolis (2km), the Temple of Olympic Zeus (1km), the Ancient Agora (2km), the traditional Plaka area (2km) and the Kolonaki area (700 meters). Also, the National Gardens (1km), Syntagma Square (1km) and the Panathinaikon Stadium (1km) are situated barely 1km from the hotel. Its convenient location attracts both business and leisure travelers. Another advantage for the guests are the parking facilities since the hotel is sited outside a restricted traffic zone. The closest airport to the hotel is the Eleftherios Venizelos Athens International Airport located 25 km from the hotel and only requires a 30 minute drive.[查看地图]


类型: Epoque Classic Superior [学习更多]
地址: 4, Arnis Street, Athens, Greece [查看地图]
类型: 精品酒店
最优价格: 75 EUR
客房: 34
语言: 英文 法文





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