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Spannort Hotel & Restaurant, Engelberg

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Secluded in the middle of the Swiss Alps, with 20 fabolous rooms all with a rustic, warm interior that allows for maximum relaxation, the Spannort Hotel in Engelberg, Switzerland is the perfect getaway for skiing enthusiasts and for people just looking for some time to embrace nature and relax.

Spannort Hotel & Restaurant酒店预订 Spannort Hotel & Restaurant, Engelberg

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Known as the leading mountain resort in Switzerland, this beautiful municipality with a rich history and an exquisite atmosphere is one of the premier locations in Switzerland. With scenic views of the Swiss Alps, the beauty of nature is evident in every direction. The city hosts year-round events that showcase the unique culture of Switzerland and of the region. Also, food is an important aspect to Engelberg and this is proven in the many cheese-related attractions such as the Show Cheese Factory and the Alpine Cheese Dairy. Engelberg guarantees its guest an unforgettable experience due to its unique location and natural wonders.