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A beautiful city, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Salamanca is a Spanish Wonder that is full of history, architecture, culture and life. A city where universities in Salamanca are known for their valuable contributions to the Spanish language, Salamanca is one of Spain’s most prized jewels. The Old quarter of the city dates back to ancient times where walking around this sector will make any visitor and local alike feel as if they have just traveled through time. There are numerous squares and public spaces like the Plaza Mayor, La Plaza del Corrillo, the amazing public garden, El Campo de San Francisco, numerous Chapels and churches with unique Romanesque, Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance styles. Being a contributor to knowledge and higher learning, this is a central site for universities where some of the most famous figures in history have given a lecture. There is a never ending list of how many places there are in Salamanca, ranging from Museums to an avid nightlife as it is a city known for its student population. With a nice climate all year round, Salamanca is an ideal destination at any given time.