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Chateau Les Crostes, Lorgues

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Provence’s hidden secret is the Chateau les Crostes, tucked away in the depths of the forest. Originating in the 17th century, built on a vineyard, there are 9 beautiful room and suites to choose from. Our boutique hotel gives the access to several amenities such as a helicopter landing pad and even a special area where picnics can be held. There is a never ending list of all the activities to do at the Chateau Les Crostes.

最优价格:250EUR Chateau Les Crostes酒店预订 Chateau Les Crostes, Lorgues

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The city of Lorgues in the south of France is a special place with intricate details and essences. A blend of historic sites, olive oil mills, beautiful streets, nature in every direction makes the city of Lorgues a special place to visit. Fabulous wine tasting and eating some of the finest locally grown food, Lorgues makes it possible for all dreams to come true as this magical city has many things to offer. The Collegiale St. Martin, Belfry, Fountains, the Old Quarter and the oil mills are just a few places that define Lorgues, making Lorgues a unique place showcasing every day French life and culture.