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The Mansion Hotel, Kandy

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Experience the colonial elegance of the 1920s at the Mansion, one of Sri Lanka's most beautiful boutique hotels. Ideally located in a discreet area about 8 km away from Kandy, our Hotel Mansion is an ideal place to spend a relaxing holiday.

最优价格:50USD The Mansion Hotel酒店预订 The Mansion Hotel, Kandy

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Right in the heart of the island of Sri Lanka, amidst the verdant tropical tea plantations lies Kandy: a World Heritage Site scenically set in the Kandy plateau, at an altitude of over 450 meters and surrounded by rings of lush mountains. Established in the 15th century, Kandy was the last royal capital and is today a bustling market town rich in cultural diversity, for this reason the city is often referred to as the cultural capital of Sri Lanka. About 115km away from the seaport of Colombo, the city is bustling and lively, yet retaining a small town feeling. Kandy is home to a multitude of medieval Buddhist temples, among which the Dalada Maligawa (the Temple of the Tooth, where the relic of the tooth of Buddha is kept), and it is therefore considered a place of pilgrimage for Buddhist and an important religious centre for the Sinhalese. Festivals and local colour will make any visit to the city unforgettable: every year Kandy attracts large crowds from all over the country and the world for the Buddhist ceremony of the Esala Perahera with its music, dance, fire displays and elephant parades, which have now become the symbol of the city and of Sri Lanka itself.