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Hotel Derek, Houston

Hotel Derek 承诺最优价格!

Hotel Derek is a beautiful boutique hotel in Houston with a classic contemporary design and customized look at the same time, what creates a feast for the eyes. Designed to impress, our Hotel is dedicated to provide guests with everything they need.

Hotel Derek酒店预订 Hotel Derek, Houston
Hotel Icon, Houston

Hotel Icon 承诺最优价格!

Hotel Icon is a luxury boutique hotel located in a very convenient location for both leisure and business travelers. Our Hotel hosts the historic building of Union National Bank built in 1911 and was reinvented by the famous pair of San Francisco designers - Candra Scott and Anderson.

Hotel Icon酒店预订 Hotel Icon, Houston
Hotel Granduca, Houston

Hotel Granduca 承诺最优价格!

Hotel GRANDUCA, located in Houston, is a beautiful boutique hotel described as a gate to old-world Italy. Our Hotel offers a Complimentary Transportation available within a 3 miles radius, on a-first-come basis. And its biggest secret is the dining experience at Ristorante Cavour, its Northern Italian Restaurant.

Hotel Granduca酒店预订 Hotel Granduca, Houston

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