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Planters Inn, Charleston

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Built three centuries ago in the city of Charleston, the Planters Inn boutique hotel lies in one of the best-preserved architectural treasures in America and the birthplace of swing and the Charleston dance. Our boutique hotel rooms are attentively considered a sanctuary, with an atmosphere of elegance and refinement that far exceeds that of most hotel rooms. The Planters Inn features in addition an award-winning restaurant serving culinary delights.

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Charleston is the largest city in the County of the same name, in South Carolina, United States. The town, founded in 1670, is known as “the holy city” due to its concentration of churches, whose steeples define its skyline, and to the fact that the city was one of the few among the 13 colonies to grant religious tolerance. The old town is situated on a peninsula extending towards the Atlantic Ocean; thanks to its location, the town boasts hot summers and mild winters. Charleston is rich in history, traditions and attracts visitors with the warmth of its Southern charm. Traditional attractions include horse carriage tours in the historic district, a stroll along the beautiful Ashley River, or tours of old houses to see what life during the Civil War was like. Charleston also offers a wealth of museums: the Charleston museum, America's First Museum, founded in 1773 showing the cultural and natural history of Charleston and South Carolina, Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum on the historic harbour, the Confederate museum and the Aquarium among the others. Another main attraction in Charleston is the City Market, an historic public market open to local and tourists offering the best in local produce. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Charleston's beautiful, wide and sandy beaches are a popular destination for summertime visitors.