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Knai Bang Chatt Resort, Kep

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Knai Bang Chatt is a superb lifestyle resort that will not fail to enchant you. Located in Kep, on Cambodia's south-eastern coastline, our boutique hotel offers you a mix of privacy, tranquility and distinctiveness. The whole resort is made up of 11 rooms that are individually decorated, all with a distinctive identity and taste. Surrounded by breathtaking views, Knai Bang Chatt has a Spa, a pool and restaurant.

最优价格:115USD Knai Bang Chatt Resort酒店预订 Knai Bang Chatt Resort, Kep

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Kep is a wonderful coastal tourist city located southwest of Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The city was founded in 1908 during the French colonial times and it was turned into a beautiful seaside resort in the1960s. The name Kep is derived from the French words “le cap”, which means “cape”, as a point of land that extends beyond the adjacent coast into the sea. In Kep, tourist may enjoy a variety of amazing attractions such as mountains, evergreen tropical forest, mangroves, islands, sea grass coral reefs, pure sea air, beaches, and sea food. While in Kep you may have a wonderful fresh seafood picnic on the waterfront. Vendors will showcase live crabs, fresh prawns, squid and fish from which to choose. Other activities in Kep may include a walk or drive around the Kep mountain, where you can enjoy great sea views, a visit to the crab market, a visit of the beautiful sandy beach of Rabbit Island (Koh Tonsay), 30 minutes off the Kep coast, Tek Chou waterfalls, a picnic area popular with locals on the weekend.